3 Writerly Things To Do This Week: Prepping for Fall

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. They're happening all around us – especially with nature. And as writers, it's always important to take a cue from what's happening around us to include in our writing. Or at least to include in our rituals and our day-to-day to help with our writing. 

Dark Phase of the Moon: New Moon Writing Plan Wrap-Up

For many, what started as a writing of the heart, because the new moon was in Leo, led me to co-found something from my heart: a Caribbean writer's group.

Facing My Writing Fear: My Father

I remember the first time my father introduced me to his writing circle. I must have been either eight or nine, a small and skinny frame very similar to my father, with a mop of dark brown curls flopped on my tiny face. The curls covered the look of curiosity I'm sure I had being … Continue reading Facing My Writing Fear: My Father

#WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk

Our apartment building has a extremely, painfully slow elevator. So slow, in fact, that people often walk down the stairs versus waiting for it to come up. You'll do several round trips to the seventh-floor before it makes it's way up. So, so slow that almost everyone rushes to close the doors (once inside) to … Continue reading #WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk

New Moon Writing Plan in Leo

I often use the phases of the moon (and the seasons) for many things when it comes to planning – searching for a new job, cleaning our apartment, bonding with my mom, etc. It's a trick I learned to do many moons ago, when I first started learning astrology. I realized that if working with … Continue reading New Moon Writing Plan in Leo

3 Things I Do Daily To Keep My Writing Life Sane

I write – a lot. I write for work as a reporter, as well as personally. Yes, that includes fiction, journals, permission slips, love notes for my kids and husband, memos and blogs (what you're reading now – ta-da!). Writing, if we're going to get technical, makes up 60 percent of my life. The other … Continue reading 3 Things I Do Daily To Keep My Writing Life Sane