Quick Review of My Organizing Digital Clutter System

My inbox currently has 18,060 emails. That's just one account. Also, that's not counting the hundreds of notes I've saved in draft, the other documents I've saved to Google Drive and the saves, favorites and others links I've put aside in social. Thank you, Facebook, for that saving feature and then the reminder that tells … Continue reading Quick Review of My Organizing Digital Clutter System

The Humanity In Our Writing

There's this one character, a woman, who has been tainting my stories with her presence for years now. And I say presence, because although I prematurely named her 'Lucy,' there's been little more I can sense from her. She's often standing near in front of a blue, wooden, one-room house. I know she's in the … Continue reading The Humanity In Our Writing

3 Writerly Things To Do This Week: Prepping for Fall

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. They're happening all around us – especially with nature. And as writers, it's always important to take a cue from what's happening around us to include in our writing. Or at least to include in our rituals and our day-to-day to help with our writing. 

Dark Phase of the Moon: New Moon Writing Plan Wrap-Up

For many, what started as a writing of the heart, because the new moon was in Leo, led me to co-found something from my heart: a Caribbean writer's group.

Facing My Writing Fear: My Father

I remember the first time my father introduced me to his writing circle. I must have been either eight or nine, a small and skinny frame very similar to my father, with a mop of dark brown curls flopped on my tiny face. The curls covered the look of curiosity I'm sure I had being … Continue reading Facing My Writing Fear: My Father

#WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk

Our apartment building has a extremely, painfully slow elevator. So slow, in fact, that people often walk down the stairs versus waiting for it to come up. You'll do several round trips to the seventh-floor before it makes it's way up. So, so slow that almost everyone rushes to close the doors (once inside) to … Continue reading #WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk