Getting to Know My 2nd Born

It’s only been a few weeks since the baby turned 1. It went fast. The days leading to his birth are still fresh to me, while the months soon after not so much.

Since his birth, my time with him has been mostly alongside his big sister, Lulu. Making sure she doesn’t feel left out, creating routines together, and opportunities for them to bond. The twelve-year difference between them made me feel rushed to get them to enjoy each other.

In that rush, I forgot he’s a person of his own. I read to him the same books I read to her. I’ve shown him her favorite movies. I’ve tried parenting him pretty much how I’d done with her.

In the process, however, he’s shown me how he’s nothing like her. Although they’re very much alike, he is also showing strongly his very own likes.

As he should be.

How he likes to clap when he wakes up, waves at everyone he meets, and simply can’t get enough bananas.

He’s his own little person, with a big sister, who despite the 12-year difference love each other very much, on top of a mom and dad who adore them.

What you think?

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